Marvel Avengers Alliance: How to finish 5-star a chapter fast

This is a small guide for people who asking or don't know the way to 5-star a chapter.

5-star a chapter means:
1250 Silver
100 Exp for your agent
1 Gold
5 Command Points
Once you master the chapter will scale according to your level
If you master the whole episode you get a gold weapon (check the gold weapons for each chapter in the game)
So far in the game we have (7 episodes x 6 chapter = 42 episodes) that's 42 free Gold and 210 (42 x 5) free Command Points (Cool ah! :D) so it totally worth the effort.

Star rewards:
1-star = 250 silver
2-star = 1000 silver
3-star = 100 exp for your agent
4-star = 1 Gold
5-star = 5 Command Points

I suggest first to go through every episode of the game from 1-1 till 7-5 (you can skip premium episodes) so you can lvl-up a bit your agent and also some of heroes
Hired at least 1,2 heroes for every class because there are episode who need a specific class to deploy and also take advantage of the team-bonuses
Equip your agent with the most powerful weapon you have (the weapon that deal the most damage).
You might want to buy a new suit (Blaster recommended because it gives the highest attack) and use the Proficient Iso-8 (gives attack and evasion) on it
You will have to use the Hawkeye with the Blackwidow in every battle so its better to have them as high lvl as possible and use the Proficient Iso-8 (gives attack and evasion) on them
I don't recommend to go Pure attack Iso-8 and there is a reason I will explain later

Lets start :D
Go to the episode you wish to play and play only the High Threats and Medium Threats. I don't recommend to play the Low Threats because it will drain your energy fast and doesn't give any extra bonuses. Play Low Threats only if there aren't any High or Medium Threats to play.
Deploy as many heroes as possible, If you can't complete one deployment because you don't have the specific hero like in chapter 1-5 that required to have Sif, Don't panic :D  and no need to hire Sif; just continue and skip that deploy. If you can't complete 3 or more deployments then I advise you to finish the chapter and start another chapter and re-play it again when you have more heroes (every deploy worth 500 points so the more you do the better the score)
Use In all chapters the Blackwidow and Hawkeye, I know are weak heroes but they give the highest Team-Up bonuses so far. If you have to deploy one of those heroes or in the bosses that you have to play with a required hero just follow the guide to check the Team-Up guide in the Files Section of this group
Play all the bosses together for extra score and also to reduce energy cost
Episodes with epic bosses usually takes a bit longer to master and I recommend do not play the Epic boss until you master the episode, because it requires lot of energy, unless you want to try your luck on the Epic boss roulette
The above strategy does NOT apply for Premium or Special-ops episodes. You can read the guide in the group Files Section about Special-ops and for Premium is better to play as slow as possible in order to lvl-up your agent and heroes and you have a chance to get some nice items for your agent, besides Hawkeye and Blackwidow might be a bit weak to take them to a Premium episodes ^^

Lets finish :P

the last section of this guide is the score analysis which is based on these factors
Vitality: How much Life (HP) you have when you finish the battle
Overkill: How many Overkills you did during the battle
Rounds: How many rounds it take you to finish the battle, the fastest you finish the battle the highest is the score
Victory: You get a score if you finish the battle
Body Count: You get a score according to how many heroes are survive
Perfect strategy: You get a score if you don't get any hit in battle, because you don't always take the first turn that's why I recommend to boost also the evasion of the heroes, healing items unfortunately doesn't work, you have to dodge their attacks.
Endurance: You get a score for not use the Stamina Recharge in battle, so don't use it :P
One shot: You get a score of how many enemies you kill in 1 shot, the more enemies you one-shot the better the score you get
Agents of Shield: Bonus score if you team up with Hawkeye and Blackwidow
Frenemies: Bonus score if you team up with Hawkeye and Blackwidow
Assemble: Bonus score if you team up with Hawkeye and Blackwidow
Survival Multilayer: Multiply the total score x3 if all your heroes survive
Threat bonus: Bonus score according to the Threat Difficulty x3 High, x1,5 Medium, x1 Low
Two or Three birds Multilayer: Bosses score only, you get it if you play all the bosses together

No need to stress yourself too much for this; if you finish a Threat with "Superior", "Perfect" for bosses and "Amazing" grade for the Special-ops and Premium then you are good to go :D

That's all guys sorry for the large text I try to explain everything as clear as possible, enjoy the game