Galaxy Life Chips - Rewards

Galaxy Chips are the most powerful resource in the game.  They are the Starling's virtual currency.  You can get them by competing in Rival Battles, buying them (via Facebook payment system or Kongregte Kreds), or recycling planets. If you let planets grow on a cleared planet for a few days, you can typically get  2-3. On new planets, where the plant life is more abundant, you can expect yields of up to  5.
Chips can be used to purchase a variety of things, from Coins, Minerals, and Items. In addition, you can use chips to buy Colonies Shields, however this is a waste of chips.You can also sped up buildings upgrading or unit training. The best way to spend your chips is getting more training spots for military training facilities (Training Camps, Factories and Starports) and on competing in higher tiered Rival Battles.