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Note: Freebies are locked due to spam, misuse and overuse.

Note: You can only Claim the reward once after you finish the survey.
Note: Rewards are expired once you tried it twice.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q: Why you guys giving away free Gardens of time Items?
A: Because our sponsors are conducting free surveys and they will give FREE Garrdens ot Time  ITEMS to all participants.

Q: How much  ITEMS can i have for each task?
A: It depends on how much do you want to have.
More surveys more Items you can collect! Surveys are free.
We currently have FREE Garrdens ot Time ITEMS.

Q: Is the task are easy to do?
A: Yes it only takes you 30 Seconds - 1 Minute to finish 1 task.

Q: How can i get my ITEMS?
A: It's automated make sure your Garrdens ot Time App is open while your completing a task.

Q: How long before i can get The  Garrdens ot Time ITEMS to my account?
A: It only takes 5 Minutes To 10 Minutes Just refresh your  Garrdens ot Time App.